We service, supply and install electric, natural gas and propane water heaters. Whether it’s a standard tank unit, tankless or hybrid heat pump, we offer the best equipment at the best prices. Our flat rate prices include removal of the old unit, haul away and installation of the new unit. We also provide training to our customers on how to operate and maintain the equipment. 

We also install customer-provided units at flat rates but most customers choose our units. Why? Because we not only provide commercial-grade heaters better than home improvement retail stores, all of our units come with a full one year labor warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that within the first year, we work for the manufacturer. If the problem can’t be fixed, we replace it for free. Simple as that. 

Speak with one of our pros for the best offers available and check out the photos below.  


We re-pipe homes with copper or polybutelene piping after homeowners experience pin-hole leaks or insurance issues. Traditionally, plumbing lines are installed below the foundation but the new piping usually runs through the attic, horizontally through walls or even on the exterior of the home. The old plumbing system is abandoned and the new system is activated. All of our re-pipe jobs include new hose bibbs, angle valves and hammer arrestors. We also provide drywall repair services at additional charges. 


Every day we replace fixtures for our customers including toilets, faucets, hose bibbs, sinks, vanities and showerheads. We also install garbage disposals, dishwashers and washing machine valves. Give us a call to have your plumbing fixture professionally installed. 

  • SHOWER/TUB INSTALL (Rough-In Only)

Our pros install showers, tubs and shower valves regularly. We also demo showers, install cement board walls, mud beds, shower liners and relocate drains when needed. We install plumbing and sewer lines in accordance with local plumbing codes. We get everything ready, top to bottom, for your tile installer.